Legrand Arteor 573454 20A DP 1 Way With Indicator Switch White


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Legrand Arteor 573454 20A DP 1 Way With Indicator Switch White.. More...

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Legrand Arteor 573454 20A DP 1 Way With Indicator Switch White


Product Code 573454
Product Series Legrand Arteor
Max. Ampere Rating 20A
Warranty 10 Year (Mechanical Damage NOT Covered)
Base Type Modular
Color White
Voltage  240V
Maximum Overall Length (mm)  
Maximum Width (mm)  
Body Material PVC
Contact Material Copper


  • Eco-friendly
  • Pure White in colour
  • ISI Mark Approved
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Made by thermosetting plastic
  • Higher reliability for longer life
  • Arc-shield technology to avoid sparking
  • Design that matches modern interior requirements
  • Smooth Operation
  • Less Switching Noise

A switch is a device that is used to operate any electrical fixtures to two conditions i.e ON & OFF. The operation of the switch is achieved by metal contact. The metal used in this case could be copper, brass or aluminium. The most used metal in electrical materials is copper as it is very good conductor of electricity. In this page we will be discussing about in depth detail of the electrical switch.

What to consider before buying switches?

Electrical switches are designed to operate the metal contact safely by placing it into thermosetting plastic enclosure. Before we make decision to select the switches, we should look at the type of switches available in Indian market.

Electrical switches come in varity of sizes and styles but we will look at the popular ones.

1) One way switch

The one way switch is most commonly used electrical switch that is used everywhere. It has two operations ON state and OFF state, while ON is the state where connected load like light, fan, plug socket etc. turns ON and in OFF state it goes OFF. The simple one way switch is shown in below picture with front view, side view and back view.

one way switch dimentional view

The image above shows is the front view, side view and back view of the modular switch. As seen in the picture the one way switch has only to contacts on back as one is connected with load and other connected as seen in the ‘Switch connection section’ on this page.

2) Two way switch

The two switch is used where single load (i.e light, fan, motor etc) operated from two different locations. It can be identified by the two marking on the switch and three terminals on back. The three dimensional view shown below:

two way dimensional view

3) Bell Push Switch

The bell push switch has same operation as one way switch but this switch does not remains on ON state permanently, it has spring operation means it can only ON until the user pushes.

bell push switch dimensional view

Difference between modular and non – modular switches

The difference between modular and non-modular switch is that the modular switches fit on the module plate with just self-locking system where in traditional non-modular switchs need screws to lock it on the plate. The below image shows both modular and non-modular swtiches.

difference between modular and non-modular

Connection of the different types of the switches

Understanding the terminal connection is one of the major part in electrical wiring as wrong connection would lead to short circuit or fire. The manufacturer doesn’t cover any mechanical breakdown on the product. The following section will show how to make connection between terminals of the electrical switches.

One Way Switch

one way switch connection

Two way switch

two way switch connection

Quality Examination of Switch

The quality of any switch has to be checked before making connection so we have provided some point to be consider during this examination.

- Look for ISI mark on the product.

- Check whether the operation of the switch is smooth or hard, if found hard then it needs to be replaced because the internal contact must be damaged.

- Only buy branded products s they have quite a long warranty.

  - Make sure the terminal screws are properly screwing.