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Buying a new water heater is important criteria as home appliance. There would be different brands of water heaters are available in the market. Each water heater contains different features. The job of selecting the right one or suitable to your necessities can be discouraging at times.  It usually happens that people do not easily understand the characteristics of an appliance and...

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 Electricity consumed by Water Heater

It is essential to choose the right sized water heater because the amount of electricity used by water heater much depends on the usage of hot water. The electricity consumption is less; the use of hot water is less. Moreover, lesser the water you heat, lesser is the electricity consumption. Thus it is important to select the ideal sized water...

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What is a Kill a Watt meter? (Clamp-on Ammeter)       

A Kill a Watt meter (Clamp-on Ammeter) is an appliance which is capable of measuring the electricity consumption of the appliance directly connected to it. It was first manufactured by P3 International. It has a LCD display which shows various parameters like voltage, current, true power, apparent power, reactive power, power...

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Calculation for your Home Inverter (Approximation)
Surely, if you want to buy an inverter, it is very important to calculate the capacity of Inverter that will outfit your requirement. The power consumption of home appliances like tube light, fan, TV, laptop, CFL, etc. shown in table as below, for example
Tube light - 60W
Fan - 70W
Television - 120W
Laptop -...

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Some Tips to keep your home safe:
  • Only use a LED torch for emergency lighting.
  • Keep batteries recharged and also keep some spare batteries for torches.
  • Make sure to turn off the electrical appliances like fridges, TV, motor, LED lights etc to avoid the sudden spark of electricity as it may harm.
  • Make sure inverter or back up domestic generator is...

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Without electricity could lead you in losing time, efficiency and money. Therefore you should be ready for it so that you can control these parameters. This has brought our attention to solve the electrical faults at your place with reliable and trustworthy services. We SAB Electric, has started the services which was needed in India to change the era of traditional services...

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At SAB Electric, we have figured out that how much busy today’s life is as the working hours has been extended during economy rising. We have introduced weekend service of electrical services on weekend for the busy customers. 
Raising electrical services inquiry on weekdays would force you to take OFF from the work to sort out small electrical issues. The electrical issues...

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Nowadays we have to consider lot of thing before buying house like structure design, interior design, furniture etc. We also have to consider the proper materials are used to build the house so that it can stay standing for years. However, we don’t take the House Wiring seriously during the construction of the house. If the House Wiring is not taken properly, we will end up paying...