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Important fact about LED lighting

Nowadays LED lights are very widely used in residential area as well as in office, industry, commercial area etc. It means we are getting aware of the significance and use of the LED lighting. LED light saves electricity compared to other lights like CFLs, incandescent bulb, high bay light, metal halide lamps etc. The major reason for use of LED is...

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The LED technology today is coming very fast to indian market and even people are also getting aware of this technology. But today, many people still use tradiotional incandescnt bulb or CFL in their house, office, industry etc. We have come up with chart of the comparison of led bulb, cfl and incandescent bulb.

  • Comparison of LED Bulb, CFL and...

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Basic advantages of LED Light

  • Energy efficient - LED’s are capable enough to generate output 110 lumens/watt in compare to CFL generating 60 lumens /watt. Saving almost 50% of electricity.
  • Energy efficient - LEDs are capable of producing an output of 110 lumens/watt. In contrast, CFL can only generate an output of 60 lumens/watt. Thus saving 50% of...

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Introduction to LED Lights


LED Lights is a layman’s term for wide range of LED based lighting that are in used today for primarily indoor lighting,  including LED bulbs and fixtures, flashlights, strips, clusters and other LED light sources.



LED stands for "light emitting diode". Diode, a two terminal electronic component/device, conducts electricity...