Some Tips Keep Your Home Safe

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some tips for electrical safety
Some Tips to keep your home safe:
  • Only use a LED torch for emergency lighting.
  • Keep batteries recharged and also keep some spare batteries for torches.
  • Make sure to turn off the electrical appliances like fridges, TV, motor, LED lights etc to avoid the sudden spark of electricity as it may harm.
  • Make sure inverter or back up domestic generator is installed with automatic switching or change over switch to protect the main grid electricity flowing.
  • Check wiring on regular interval for any breakage or any point working incorrectly.
  • Check the MCB tripping with professional.
  • Check electrical sockets regularly for any burning marks, cracks, color change, heating etc.
  • Turn off any electrical equipment you are not using, especially at night when a fire can spread quickly while you sleep.
  • Regularly check cables on kettles and other similar appliances look for signs of tattering, general wear and tear, or a loose plug.
  • Use all electrical appliances like grinder, mixer, crusher etc with dry hands and make sure the plug is inserted properly.
  • When installing new home appliance at your home, check and compare the current rating with plug and socket.
  • Switch OFF the main isolator if you smell or hear electrical sparking in the house with dry hands. DON’T touch the main switch when it’s raining and you are wet. 
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