Tips for Daily Electricity Consumption and Saving Future

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Electricity has become an important source of energy in our daily lifestyle and to live without it would be beyond imagination yet over 400 million Indians are still living without electricity due to economic and political crisis.
Due to more power cuts in urban areas and cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad etc. Shows us the signs of power demand not been fulfilled. And due to this it forces us to save more energy towards the future. If we start saving electricity in our daily life then it could light up one house from 400 million houses around India with NO electricity. 
Out of so many ways to save on electricity, the most efficient way is to reduce the Power Consumption Cost. We need to use the machines and home appliances that reduce power losses & ultimately consume less power. 
Here are an effectively of easy ways to save electricity in our day-to-day life:
  • The first and primary is to hold natural light inside the house or any atmosphere we are in. For that, we must choose the construction of our area well ventilated with windows.
  • Then next simplest step is to Turn OFF all the appliances not in use, being your mobile charger or laptop charger, as it saves 20% of consumption. It also uses some portion of power during standby mode.
  • Use LEDs rather than CFL bulbs, though they are costlier initially but lasts longer hence in the long run LEDs are cheaper & consume less power.
  • Replacing or buy electronic appliances that work on energy saving mode to keep down the power consumption. One way is to check for energy stars. More the number of stars less will be the energy consumption.
  • Plant trees in front of the windows which produce cooling effect in summers, eliminating AC usage. Instead of using air-conditioners often, switch to water coolers or natural air in your terrace or to fans which consume lesser energy.
  • Keep your appliances Clean, such as the coils of the refrigerator, cleaning lint out of the Dryer as it reduces the energy consumption.
  • We can install Rooftop solar panels or solar water heaters at homes and restaurants as it provides additional support to reliable clean energy for long run. It is better as it can be used at all times of the day.
  • Protecting the ceiling of our homes or work place, as it can maintain the temperature of the room during summers and increase the warmth during winters.
  • Instead of screen savers, adjust your computer to sleep or hibernate as it consumes less electricity.
  • For increased efficiency, operate Washing Machine at full load, whenever possible. For reduced load use less water.
  • Don’t place your Refrigerator next to Oven or Stove or under Direct Sunlight and leave a necessary space around the Refrigerator.
"We reccommend you to start saving electricity now and It will change your future."
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