Top Tips to Save Battery Life of Electronic Devices

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battery saving tips
Life of the battery in the today’s electronics like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. have major issue of the life period with existing technologies. The charge period of the battery is very less in compare to the features and applications of the devices. Therefore you probably have to carry charger with you all the time if you are using the devices every day or you have to carry external batteries which could add more of space in pockets in terms of weight and money. We have come up with some energy saving tips that could help you increase the battery life throughout the day.
  • Disable GPS: Use your location services whenever needed, because the GPS system installed in today gadget is not only used for navigation but it could be also used to enhance the user experience on the websites or mobile applications. The major applications use GPS are google maps, Facebook, local directories etc. 
  • Automatic Brightness: Use auto brightness feature if your phone has one or manually set the brightness until you see properly. The high brightness is only used to read something or watch movies. You wouldn’t be watching movies or reading eBook’s all the day. Therefore, for the mean time you can consume less charge from the battery by lowering the brightness.
  • Close the Apps: Some user DOESN’T bother to close the apps in their devices, which could lead to the battery draining very fast. Once you use the app you should be straight away close the so it no longer use the CPU and the battery. Leaving them open will leave your battery at half-bar in no time. As often as possible, kill your apps if you are not using them. So close unnecessary apps.
  • Switch to Wi-fi: Wi-Fi Management Search your Wi-Fi settings and make sure that your device does not connect on Wi-Fi with poor signal quality. Furthermore, use Wi-Fi if available, rather than mobile data for Internet surfing. Also, Bluetooth and NFC never forget to turn off Bluetooth and NFC after completion of data as the device will continue to look for a connection. Thus, demanding huge amounts of power without your knowledge.
  • DON’T use 3G if not needed: Switch to 2G by going into the mobile network settings. If you do not use data and primarily use the phone for calls and messages, staying on a 2G network will be of greater benefit. Network mode In case you have Galaxy S3 LTE, determine your plan and the network stability of 4G. If 3G works for you and can accommodate your mobile data needs, set it as default and only use 4G in an area that provides good quality connection.
  • Limit the USE of Processor: Controlling the CPU there is a built-in CPU controller inside the Settings menu for those who do not use high demanding apps. Limiting the CPU power can prolong battery life intensely and may also reduce heat.
  • Set the proper display sleep time: Always set your display to sleep after 15 seconds. Often you may not be using the phone the display will be lit up and it will consume even more battery.
  • Always Charge Your Battery to Full: Always charge your battery to the full level because the battery should be always use with optimum performance.
We hope that the above has helped you to SAVE money and SAVE energy. For more articles please subscribe to our newsletters. 

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