Oreva 16W LED Down Light Square White 6500k

Oreva 16W LED Down Light Square White 6500k


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Oreva 16W LED Down Light Square White is the branded led down light from Ajanta Oreva Industires .. More...

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Oreva 16W LED Down Light Square White is the branded led down light from Ajanta Oreva Industires in online market. The Oreva LED has very fast switching property in compare to the traditional CFL and incandescent.  The Oreva LED down light are manufactured (Made in India) with very high quality metal enclosure which helps LED down light to withstand physical damage as well corrosion due to moisture. The diffuser of this down light has latest technology anti-glare diffuser that helps LED light to dispense equally on the area of light. The LED technology could save upto 70% of the electricity that is consumed every month. The driver of the Oreva LED down light is installed with state of the art machinery which gives long lasting blowing hours. The LED bulbs are made without using mercury or any other toxic materials that were used to manufacture the traditional bulbs. The Oreva LED down light has aluminium heat sink inside the enclosure which has special property to keep the inside temperature under control.

The LED Down light from Oreva LED has 2 Year Warranty which means that you can Buy this products with No Worries of losing money on Cheap Chinese lights.



Product Series Downlight
Wattage 16W
Warranty 2 Year (Only on LED Driver)
Body Shape Square
Light Color White
Lumens (Output) 1110lm
Maximum Overall Dimension (mm) 171.65 x 171.65 MM
Maximum Thickness (mm) 24 MM
Light Temprature  6500k
Power Factor 0.9
Life 30,000 hours (Approx.)
Body Material Metal
Efficiency  90%
Voltage  100V-300V
Operating Temperature -20o-50C


  • High CRI
  • Extra bright LED
  • Premium Quality Metal Enclosure
  • Energy saving led component
  • Wide operating range from 100v-300v
  • Operating temperature -20-50 degree
  • No toxic materials used in manufacturing
  • Instant and flicker free start
  • Constant current driver
  • NO RF interference
  • Less heat generated
  • Very bright light
  • Consumes very less electricity
  • Glare free light
  • Best quality IC based led driver
  • Life time - 30,000 hours
  • Long warranty
  • Long Lasting
  • Mercury free
  • Cost effective
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